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Full List of Programmes the Scholarship is Available at University of Manchester

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Chemical Engineering

  • Advanced Chemical Engineering MSc
  • Advanced Process Integration and Design MSc

Civil and Mechanical Engineering

  • Commercial Project Management MSc
  • Construction Project Management MSc
  • Engineering Project Management MSc
  • Management of Projects MSc
  • Mechanical Engineering Design MSc
  • Reliability Engineering and Asset Management MSc
  • Structural Engineering MSc
  • Thermal Power & Fluid Engineering MSc

Computer Science

  • Advanced Computer Science MSc


  • International Development MSc
  • International Development: Development Management MSc
  • International Development: Environment Climate Change and Development MSc
  • International Development: Globalisation, Trade and Industry MSc
  • International Development: Politics, Governance and Development Policy MSc
  • International Development: Poverty, Inequality and Development MSc
  • International Development: Poverty Conflict and Reconstruction MSc
  • International Development: Public Policy and Management MSc


  • Education (International) MA
  • Educational Leadership MA

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Advanced Control and Systems Engineering MSc
  • Communication Engineering MSc
  • Digital Signal Processing MSc
  • Electrical Power Systems Engineering MSc
  • Renewable Energy and Clean Technology MSc


  • Applications in Environmental Science MSc
  • Pollution & Environmental Control MSc
  • Environmental Governance MSc
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Management MSc
  • Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Reconstruction MSc
  • Geographical Information Science MSc
  • Global Urban Development and Planning MSc

Humanitarian and Conflict Response

  • Humanitarianism and Conflict Response MA
  • International Disaster Management MSc


  • Corporate Governance LLM
  • Intellectual Property Law LLM
  • International Business and Commercial Law LLM
  • International Financial Law LLM
  • International Trade Transactions LLM

Medical and Health Sciences

  • Medical Virology MSc
  • Medical Microbiology MSc
  • Biological Sciences MRes
  • Cell Biology MSc
  • Science Communication MSc
  • Clinical Immunology MSc

Museum Studies

  • Art Gallery and Museum Studies MA


  • International Fashion Marketing MSc
  • International Fashion Retailing (Business Process Improvement) MSc
  • International Fashion Retailing (Multichannel Marketing) MSc
  • International Fashion Retailing MSc
  • Textile Technology (Technical Textiles) MSc

Taken from: http://www.manchester.ac.uk

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