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Top 10 Tips for Successful Scholarship Applications

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Top 10 Tips for Successful Scholarship Applications

We have compiled the Top 10 Tips for Successful Scholarship Applications so that you can use the tips for making successful scholarship applications. I have also written an article that states Top 10 Reasons You may Fail in Your Scholarship Applications. You may be benefited if you read it before reading this article.

Most incoming college students are understandably concerned about going into debt to pay for their education or may be worried to much for they couldn’t finance their education. The good news is you can reduce how much it costs you to earn your college degree. Follow these simple tips to earn lots of scholarship money through scholarship applications, and you’ll be well on your way to lowering your college costs. You may also get fully funded scholarship if your exploit the tips very well.

1. Start your application for admission and scholarships early.

There’s no need to wait until junior year to start applying for scholarships. Starting early gives you more time to research and complete scholarship applications. You can prepare yourself in getting certified for language requirements, and other eligibility conditions. You may also prepare documents required for your application well organized and you can have good time to write scholarship essays and motivation letter. Plus, starting early shows those who are awarding scholarships that you’re a motivated student!

2. Apply for anything and everything you think you might be eligible to receive

Don’t overlook scholarships with smaller awards. The more you apply to, the better your odds of winning. And they can quickly add up to help cover college expenses. Partial scholarships and tuition fee waivers may be added up to cover all your education costs.

3. Don’t be afraid of scholarships that require essays

Many students shy away from scholarships that require essays, but a well-written essay can be your ticket to standing out from the crowd. If you don’t have great writing skills, consider working with your high school guidance counselor or attending a writing workshop to help you develop a memorable essay.

Hint: You may be able to reuse portions of your essay for more than one scholarship application. Just be careful to follow the scholarship rules, including essay word count and area of interest to scholarship selection committee.

4. Watch all deadlines

Some scholarships have separate application for admission to a programme (course) and the financial aid (scholarship) applications. In this case, the deadlines of the two applications may be different and you should be careful to meet both the deadlines. Some scholarship applications prior admission letter (prove you have gotten admission to the programme) while other may be applied in parallel. Other scholarships and admission applications have online application deadline and certified document submission deadline through regular mail (postal address). If you miss any of the deadlines, you have zero chance of being considered.

5. Look beyond your grades

You don’t have to have a 4.0 to qualify for scholarships. In fact, some scholarships don’t take grades into account. Regardless of whether you have top grades or not, it’s important to find a way to stand out from the crowd on your scholarship applications. Before you start filling out the application, think about why you should be that scholarship winner.

What special talents or skills do you offer? Perhaps you can demonstrate your perseverance in the face of adversity as a first-generation student or your leadership skills on the basketball court are what make you unique. Whatever it is, make sure you highlight your strengths and personality in the applications. You can also reinforce this message through letters of recommendation from teachers and community members who know you best. This could include your employer, pastor, coach, high school counselor, or other adults who know you well. Each applicant has his own unique talent and in scholarship applications, showing that talent to scholarship selection committee is sometimes the difference between different applicants. You should show your unique talent, personality and commitment.

6. Follow Application Procedures

This would seem to go without saying, but you’d be surprised! Be sure to read the application procedures carefully before you start filling out your application. Don’t assume you know what to do already even if you are experienced. Each scholarship and/or admission has its own unique application procedures. There is no generic procedures working for all scholarship applications.

7. Complete the application in full

Answer every question. There are some question which are marked as optional. You shouldn’t ignore such questions unless it is not relevant to answer. For example, some countries may not have states (regional) and may leave out such field. If a question doesn’t apply, don’t leave the answer field blank. Write “N/A” in the field, or, if the reason the question doesn’t apply isn’t obvious, include the reason.

Be sure to supply all additional supporting material, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and essays in your applications.

8. Neatness Matters

Your application should be done neatly specifically if the application requires hard-copy print-outs and/or hand-written essays, you should prepare such documents and essays neatly. Printed documents should be printed with white neat papers. The documents to be sent through regular mail should be also sent with a neat envelope. Your neatness tells the scholarship selection committee how are organized and how you can handle tasks with great care and neatness.

9. Apply only if you are eligible

Read the scholarship eligibility criteria and application procedures, the documents required for the application and determine if you are eligible to apply. If you found that you are eligible to apply, then you can apply. This helps you not waste your time on scholarships you will never succeed. Then you can focus and make an effective application to scholarships in which are eligible to apply. It increases your success rate.

10. Make sure your essay makes an impression

There are scholarships which didn’t require writing an essay (motivation letter). Much of the crowd is applying on such scholarships to avoid writing the letter of motivation. I would like to stand out of the crowd by focusing on scholarships which requires some form of essay as part of the application.

You should write an essay following the guideline they have put. Even though they give you the guideline of the essay, the content shall be composed by yourself uniquely showing your interest, your personality and what factors and stories are passed by during your life. Your essay should make an impression on selection committee. You should never take sample essays from internet and modify. Be careful here!!

General Comments

You should always read the scholarship application procedures, the eligibility criteria, the selection criteria, the required documents for making an application, whether it is necessary to make an admission application and scholarship application separately and other details.

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