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Top 10 Reasons You may Fail in Your Scholarship Applications

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Top 10 Reasons You may Fail in Your Scholarship Applications

We have articulated today for you why you may not be successful in you scholarship applications.The top 10 reasons you may fail in your scholarship applications are listed here under. You should carefully read each reason you may make while you are applying to a scholarship.

Every body wants a scholarship award not merely to get a financial assistance but also scholarship is one of the measures of academic success. It is just story or part their History to win a scholarship award and travel away from a family to make study. Most people may think that scholarships are only sought by financially disadvantaged students only. That is not right!

Many people are surprised when someone with a less impressive list of achievements is called up for a scholarship interview or ends up being the next scholarship recipient. We shouldn’t also forget that scholarship selection mechanisms and assessment criteria are quite subjective. However, you should also make your application right and avoid the reasons of failure during your applications.

Although these tips may seem really basic and silly, getting them right will help make sure your application gets off on the right foot (and into the ‘shortlist for interview’ pile). In this article, we’ll share the ten most common mistakes students make with their scholarships application.

1. You may not Qualify for the Scholarship

Most scholarships have their own terms and conditions under which the eligibility of applicants are screened and short-listed. Some scholarships may specify the eligible countries of applicants, others may also put the lower bound their previous educational achievements while other scholarships may be only offered for some disciplines. If applicants are from non-eligible countries or if an applicant previous educational transcripts are below the specified low lowest level achievement, they will be dropped in the first screening phase before being critically evaluated.

You should understand the eligibility and have necessary documents to show your eligibility to that specific scholarship. If you found that you are ineligible by one or more criteria set under the eligibility criteria, shouldn’t apply. It is going to be nonsense to make applications under such circumstances.

2. An Incomplete Application of Scholarships

The case incomplete application occurs when applicants couldn’t understand how to make the application, where they should apply and for whom they should apply. Some applications may require some list of documents required to apply, other may require admission from some eligible universities before applying to scholarship aids, others may require to write some essays (motivation letters).

Some applications procedures may require lengthy forms that is going to be filled with multiple steps (example steps 1 through 9) navigating through multiple online form pages.

To avoid such failure reason, you should first see required documents and educational transcripts, see and understand the details of application procedures. Then after you have grasped all the details, you should see the means of the application. Some scholarships may require to send all documents and educational transcripts, essays (motivation letters), PHD proposal (Synopsis) for PHD applicants through an email. Others may prefer to let you fill an online application and upload all documents through that online application form. Some application procedures may require sending of certified academic copies and documents to be sent through regular mail (using post office) to their address.

There are some scholarship applications which require for the payment of application fee online. You may find someone who can make payment of an online fee before starting your application or you may ignore those requiring application processing fees.

3. You didn’t include Valid Contact

In your applications, you shouldn’t forget to include your contact addresses. You should include your phone number, email, postal address and location. You shouldn’t change your primary phone numbers, postal address and email until your scholarship results are known as selection committee may make interviews through your phone, send you your scholarship application status through email and others may use your postal address to send official admission and scholarship offer though your regular mail.

4. You missed the Application Deadline

You should apply to a scholarship as early as possible. You shouldn’t apply by the dates of the scholarships. Some countries have different time zones and the application deadlines may be at the mid-day of the specified deadline date and that mid-day in their country may be different time (date) in our country.

If their is a requirement to send certified copies of your documents and academic transcripts through regular mail (postal address), most postal mails are delivered to their destinations from 6 to 8 weeks later. So be sure to send such documents before 8 weeks to the destinations. Such types of applications may have two different deadlines (one for online application and the other for your postal mail to be delivered to them).

5. You did not include enough postage

If you’re sending out your application by mail, make sure you put the correct amount of postage on your envelope. Check the address of the destination is well spelled and written legibly. If your post is not delivered to them, you will have zero chance to be considered.

6. You Make Application on Dirty of Torn Papers

Don’t laugh it this point. So may applicants may copy their documents on papers written on their backside and may get stained by some pigments while you are making adjustments. Your papers and documents should be copied and printed on neat papers and you should avoid some garbage papers out.

7. Your Application may have Several Spelling Errors

You should be bored to check each and every word for correct spelling. For example, you may say thought (past tense of think)  to say taught (past tense of teach). You may misspell some words on your application letter, in your resume (CV), in your essays (letter of motivation). Some scholarship applications may require you to have reference letters from your former boss of professors. In this case, try to see the draft reference letters of your references before they finally print and give you back stamped. If the reference is done through an online form, you can’t make anything on the mistakes of the reference people you choose.

8. You Copied Your Personal Statement or Essay from Internet

Scholarship essays (motivation letters) are just personal statements that uniquely show your way of thinking and why you want that specific scholarship. There are sample essays out there on the internet and some applicants take those samples and insert their names and change field of study, year and date and that is all. They just use the sample to make the scholarship application. Come on, these days copying from internet is stupid fraudulence. The selection committee just copies your personal statement and pastes on plagiarism checker and he finds that it wasn’t yours. Ooohhh! That makes your application its end before succeeding.

9. You submitted irrelevant or inappropriate supporting documents

Don’t fancy to add unnecessary documents to your application. For example if the scholarship or admission committee has listed 5 documents to be submitted along with your application as supporting documents, then don’t add the sixth document by your own judgement. If they have to go through an entire stack of irrelevant documents to approve your application, chances are they won’t.

10. Your handwriting is illegible

These days, most applications are done through online and essays and other documents can be printed and/or copied using photocopy machine. But you are about to send some documents through regular mail (postal address), you may write your address and the destination address on the envelope. If your hand-writing is illegible, the postal mail can’t be delivered to the destination.

In some instances, the scholarship committee may request you to send them hand-written essay. In these situations, do make sure your writing is neat and legible. You don’t want them to get frustrated trying to decipher your writing.


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