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Services provided by Ethio Business Information are:

  1. Provide business information about business opportunities in Ethiopia.
  2. Procurement of technologies, services, products and materials on behalf of any company, organization, individual or government entity through direct quotation or bidding process as per the national and international procurement procedures.
  3. Consultancy services on procurement procedures and TOR document preparations.
  4. Office to office business information delivery in Addis Ababa.
  5. Normal and featured tender listings (normal listings are free of charge and featured ones are on paid basis).
  6. Normal and featured directory listings (normal listings are free of charge and featured ones are on paid basis).
  7. Sales of machines, vehicles, houses, apartments, industrial plants through online bidding and auction process or through national and international bidding procedures.
  8. Release promotions of companies along with each normal tender and normal directory listing on paid basis.

If you wish:

  1. to advertise your products, services and your organization or company on our website,
  2. to post featured scholarship, postgraduate admission announcement on our website,
  3. to list your business entity (company or organization) in our featured directory listing,
  4. to get promotion consultancy or procure any service or product through us, please contact us using the following contact form: Contact Us


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