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Invitation for Supply of Forage Grass

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ሪፖርተር ረቡዕ ነሐሴ 3 ቀን 2009 ዓ.ም



Send a Cow Ethiopia (SACE), is an international NGO operating in Ethiopia since 2006 G.C. SACE is currently implementing projects focusing on Sustainable Agriculture, Improved Animal Management, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change Resilience, and Value Chain Development & Marketing related projects.

With financial support from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), SACE has recently started a project which aims at improving the livestock feed management of smallholder farmers in Damot Gale woreda of Wolaita zone. As part of its plan for this new project, SACE is currently looking for legal and eligible bidders who can supply the following forage types.

SN Name of the equipment/medical kit Unit Quantity
1 Desho grass (Pennisetum  Pedicellatum ) Splits 1,000,000
2 Guatimala grass (Tripsacum andersonii) Splits 1000,000

Eligible & interested bidders who can supply improved varieties of the above mentioned forage types can submit their bid document in a sealed envelope to the address mentioned below within 5 calendar days from the first day of this announcement.

  1. Send a Cow Ethiopia

SARO Project Coordination Office Boditi Town

Behind Boditi Condominium or in front of Damot Gale Agriculture & Natural Resource Development Office

Phone (Office) 0465591014 Cell phone: 0913030702, Or

  1. Send a Cow Ethiopia

Gurd Shola, TSBG Building 4th Floor

Addis Ababa

Telephone: (+251)-1 1-6-47-72-33/34 or +251) 9-11-72-89-34

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