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Google AdSense Publishers Services

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Google AdSense Publishers Services

We provide different Google AdSense publishers services for website owners and bloggers. Our services enables our customers to manage your growing customer base, technical, marketing, revenue optimization and event support.

Our service models are based on negotiation with potential publishers on how our engagement with them should be and we support the following modalities in our services:

  1. Fixed Fee Service
  2. Revenue Share Percentage
  3. Incremental Revenue Share Percentage
  4. Additional Ad Unit Monetization (Shared Ad Unit Spaces)

We deliver the following services for bloggers and/or website owners:

  1. Google AdSense Signup Process Support (Guidance and Technical Assistance)
  2. Ad Revenue Optimization (Making planned experimentation on ad types, ad placements and ad targeting methods)
  3. Analytics
  4. Website and Application Development
  5. Marketing and Audience Development (Audience Targeting)
  6. Content Management Systems (CMS)
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  8. Niche Selection and Counseling

Once you have decided to work us, we are sure you will find it profitable. We want you to work with us to grow together. You may use our contact form here to send your requests to work with us.


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