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Food Agility Masters and PHD Scholarships at 8 Australian Universities

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Food Agility Masters and PHD Scholarships at 8 Australian Universities

Food Agility Masters and PHD Scholarships at 8 Australian Universities is always open as it is done in an ongoing basis. Food Agility’s Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Program is training the next generation of agrifood scientists, technologists, and industry innovators. It includes Doctorate and Masters by Research students, with full and top-up scholarships available for both domestic and international students.


Food Agility full and top-up scholarships of up to 3 years maximum duration are available to higher degree research (HDR) students who participate in Food Agility Research Programs. In cases where a proposed project area is of significant strategic value to Food Agility, but no current Food Agility activity exists, a HDR “Strategic Scholarship” project may be awarded and conducted independently.

Scholarship recipients must enrol in a Food Agility partner (host) university and the supervision team will normally comprise the Principal Supervisor (host university); where practicable, an academic co-supervisor from another Food Agility partner university; and a co-supervisor from a relevant Food Agility “end-user” partner. Food Agility can assist in connecting with these end-user partners if the applicant has not already gained their participation.

The applicant’s area of research is usually defined by the objectives of an “Activator” research project or a “Strategic” project. In the event that an Activator research project is completed or significantly varied before the completion of the scholarship, the scholarship (and candidature) will be maintained to completion at the host university, with the supervision team.


Higher Degree by Research Education Program to create Competent, Confident, Collaborative, Visionary researchers.

The Food Agility’s Higher Degree by Research Program offers students a rich range of mentoring and personal development activities, industry experience and financial support. It also incorporates tailored training and professional development opportunities, including in entrepreneurship and communication, to equip students for a rapidly changing agrifood sector.

All HDR scholarship recipients must enrol at a Food Agility university partners. The Food Agility HDR Program includes complementary and strategic scholarships.

Complementary scholarship
Students will work on their research as part of a larger team working on an industry-defined Food Agility project. Applications are welcome for complementary scholarships as part of existing Food Agility projects and positions may be advertised as part of the roll-out of new projects.

Strategic scholarship
Students will work on a topic of strategic significance to Food Agility, for example, related to one of the research programs (digital agrifood technologies, agrifood informatics and sustainable food systems), industry-level behaviours/trends or new innovation methods.

Why participate in the Food Agility HDR program?

  • Explore your research passions in a supportive, motivated team
  • Connect with a wide network of industry and end-user partners
  • Be mentored by recognised academics and industry leaders
  • Receive financial support for your work
  • Participate in a vibrant student network and a program of HDR events
  • Enjoy professional development opportunities
  • Connect with other Food Agility projects
  • Promote your research to a national and international audience

Application Conditions

  1. Complete forms must be emailed by the applicant in pdf format (please compile into one file) to
  2. Applicants must be enrolled or enrol at a Food Agility partner university.
  3. Applicants must have discussed their research with relevant Food Agility personnel, typically including the relevant Research Program Leader.

Scholarship Conditions

  1. Full Scholarship HDR stipends are $35,000 and up to $10,000 operating budget per annum. Top-up Scholarship stipends are $10,000 and up to $5,000 operating budget per annum.
  2. PhD Scholarships are available for up to 3 years; Masters for up to 2 years (full time equivalent in both cases).
  3. As a default position, and unless specified otherwise in the Student Scholarship Agreement, intellectual property arising from the resulting from work undertaken by the scholarship holder are intended to be in accordance with the enrolling university’s procedures.

Scholarship Obligations

Scholarship holders will:

  1. Maintain enrolment through satisfactory progress.
  2. Comply with policies, procedures and codes of conduct of the host university.
  3. Participate in the Food Agility induction process at commencement of the scholarship.
  4. Participate in Food Agility professional development activities and reviews during the term of the scholarship.
  5. Contribute to the achievement of the Food Agility objectives including that of the activating project.
  6. Make outcomes from the research available to Food Agility staff and stakeholders.
  7. Acknowledge the Food Agility support in publications and presentations.

Lodge a copy of their completed thesis and any publications with the Food Agility for publication through the website and allied channels.

Food Agility Projects

Food Agility works with experts from across the agrifood, technology, research and government sectors. We bring diverse perspectives to the table and tackle challenges in sometimes surprising ways. For more information about the projects, click here.

University Partners

Our university partners are:

  1. University of Technology Sydney
  2. Queensland University of Technology
  3. Curtin University
  4. RMIT University
  5. Federation University
  6. University of New England
  7. James Cook University
  8. Charles Sturt University


Applications are always in an ongoing basis and now open.

Download Application Form Here

For further information, please visit the official website of the Scholarship here.

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