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Centrally Funded Research Postgraduate Scholarships in University of Leeds 2019

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Centrally Funded Research Postgraduate Scholarships in University of Leeds 2019

Centrally Funded Research Postgraduate Scholarships in University of Leeds 2019 can be applied following the procedures below.


There are a range of UK/EU and International Postgraduate Research Scholarships available at the University of Leeds in more than 50 study fields.

By arriving at this Research Scholarship web application form you should have already reviewed the Research Scholarships on offer for Session 2018/19 at http://scholarships.leeds.ac.uk/ and determined which awards for which you are eligible to apply.

See more than 520 scholarship announcements here.

Do not worry, further information on Centrally Funded Research Scholarships is available later in the application process.

Application Procedure

To apply for a centrally funded research scholarship at the University of Leeds, you need to:

Stage 1 – first of all apply for a research place of study by completing a study application form at http://www.leeds.ac.uk/info/130206/applying/91/applying_for_research_degrees and once you have received your 9 digit student ID number move onto stage two.

Stage 2 – apply for scholarships by working your way through the questions on this form.

You will be asked questions on the following:

  • Contact details
  • English Language qualifications (if relevant)
  • Nationality and residency
  • Qualifications
  • Area of study
  • Employment history, publications, prizes etc
  • Further information – eg how did you find out about the scholarship

POINTS TO NOTE when completing the scholarship application

  • You should only submit ONE form (unless you are applying to more than one School.) If you complete this form multiple times, only the most recently submitted form will be considered.
  • If you submit the form after the Scholarship deadline it will be rejected.
  • You can save the form and then log in again to complete the form.
  • By clicking on the icon on the top right of the screen you can print or save the form as a PDF.
  • If you have applied to study a PhD in two schools eg School of Mathematics and School of Physics and Astronomy and wish to apply for scholarships in both of these schools, you will need to submit a separate application form, naming the different Schools. PLEASE NOTE, that although you can submit applications for the same award in more than one School, if you are selected by more than one School for the same award, you will be asked to choose your preferred School, as only one nomination can be sent forward for consideration for any one type of scholarship.

See more than 520 scholarship announcements here.

Forms submitted after a scholarship’s closing date will not be considered.


If the scholarship you wish to apply for is NOT listed on this web form, then it has a different application procedure and it is your responsibility to check on http://scholarships.leeds.ac.uk/  about how to apply.

Email pg_scholarships@leeds.ac.uk if you require technical support in completing this application. No advice can be provided regarding content.

Taken from: https://leeds.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/

See more than 520 scholarship announcements here.

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